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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 3, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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you can have as much calories as a day during the game. so the message is portion control. it's okay to have a little alcohol. make sure you are not driving and the fruits and vegetables that you can add -- celery and turkey burgers. >> no one in america, except a few models may be downing the celery. >> my money's on the giants. >> vitwo tips. 50, if you can exercise that would be great. at half-time, dance with the dancers i. wow. >> throw a football. but here's the other thing. stress is a big problem. i mean, stress about rooting for your team. in california, especially today, i know your team is favored-- the 49ers. but a study came out last year. in 1980, the los angeles rams lost in a nip-and-tuck battle with the steelers.
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in the two weeks following that, there was a 15% increase in heart attacks among men, 27% increase in heart attacks among women n. 1984, when the los angeles raiders won in california, the same place, guess what it was? increased heart attacks? >> i am getting chest pains -- >> the answer is zero. when the team won and they won boy a lot in '84, there was less stress. so the point is that stress contributes to heart disease, even on a day like. >> this i like the tansing at half-time. >> it's going to be a great game. >> jamie: thanks for being here. we are going to start with a fox news alert. an american hero, considered the most lethal sniper in u.s. history, was killed in a shooting in a texas gun range. welcome to a brand-new hour, here inside america's news
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headquarters. >> eric: good morning. he survived war zones, but was tragically killed in texas, where the former noted navy seal chris kyle was gunned down while reportedly helping a soldier, suffering from ptsd. kyle was a decorated veteran of the war in iraq. high served four tours and earned a number of medals for distinguished service and wrote a book about his time as a sniper. he is credited with worn 50 kills of insurgents. we go live to the new york city newsroom with the heart-breaking story. >> reporter: that's right. chris kyle, known as the u.s. military's most lethal sniper, and another man were killed at the rough creek lodge, outside of fort worth, texas. the accused shooter's believed to be a troubled, former soldier, now custody, after a dangerous pursuit. the loss has stunned the military community in which he
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was revered as an example of service and excellence. he wrote the best-selling auto biography, "american sniper," published by harper collins. that book detailed his 150-plus kills of insurjsents. texas authorities say 25-year-old eddy ray root is the shooter. he is believed to have shot the victims at 3:30, fleeing the lodge area in a ford pickup truck. a 911 call didn't come in until 5:30 or so in the afternoon. the motive is unclear, but a local station is saying that he suffered post traumatic stress disorder. the men had taken him to the range for help and he turned on the them and shot them in the back. the lancaster police took the suspect into custody after a brief pursuit. eddy ray root was taken to the
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lancaster police d. he has been arraigned on two could you wants of capitol murder. kyle was a true american patriot who had appeared here multiple times on fox newschannel. >> have you to show respect that. flag is red, white and blue. the red stands for the blood the guys have spilled. not just in iraq and afghanistan, but all through our history. you are not going out trying to kill people and wrack rack up numbers. you are going out to save americans. >> these are live pictures of the rough creek gun lodge, where the shooting occurred. you can see an outdoor range, typical of many ranges across the country. chris kyle, killed there, leaves a wife and two children. >> eric: absolutely tragic. >> jamie: we will have a lot more information about this. log on to our web site for any more information. you will find all the latest
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information and any breaking news as it happens. >> eric: at this hour, we are monitoring a continuing, bizarre hostage standoff in albottomma, where a five-year-old boy is still being held captive by an armed man. this has been going on since last tuesday afternoon. authorities say this man is the kidnapper, jimmy lee dikes, he is accused of pulling the boy off the school bus and fatally shooting the bus driver in the process. so far, dykes is showing no signs of turning himself in. the bunker is similar to a tornado shetter with food, blankets and a television. the only contact with the outside world is a 4-inch ventilation pipe that is how police have been communicating with the suspect. negotiations are continuing. we suspect a news conference to bring us more details later on this afternoon. we will bring that to you with
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the latest on this very odd and sad situation, later in our program. >> jamie: there are new developments to tell but in the growing crisis with syria. it's very close ally iran. syrian president is meeting with top iranian officials and assuring his ally that the syrian military is capable of confronting any aggression against his country. this is new video of president assad and the supreme court council of iranian security. assad referencing an israeli airstrike within his borders on wednesday. syrian tv releasing the video that shows the attack. we can't confirm the video. but u.s. officials say the attack targeted a convoy that was believed to be delivering anti-aircraft weapons to hezbollah. meanwhile, israeli's defense minister predicting the falof the syrian regime. >> i should admit, since you mentioned, most imminent and
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immediately, they are coming to fall, i hope, of the assad... power: this will be a major blow to the iranians and to hezbollah as well. that is going to happen imminently. >> jamie: joining me the middle eastern terrorism analyst. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> jamie: israel responsible for that attack? your thoughts? >> lthe rail rarails usually claim responsibility if the action is open, by air force and they wait a few times to see the results. in fact, reality is that the israelis are sending a message, number 1, to the syrian, to allow the convoys to come from iran, through iraq, into hezbollah and lebanon. and number 2, the real message is for the iranian, do not supply hezbollah with the anti-aircraft missiles or any weaponry that could jopidize israeli security.
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>> jamie: but realistically, is iran listening? they have defied sanctions -- they do their own thing. >> they are on a campaign. >> since we were youcprak otherg the suez canal, to replenish hezbollah's reserves. they are working to make sure that hez bowlal receive missiles and anti-aircraft missiles for a potential next round with the israelis, in the same way they have equipped hamas to engage with the israelis. iran is on a campaign and it is not stopping. assad has refused to leave and fails to fall. do you expect retaliation for that attack? >> i don't think -- knowing what the assad regime has been doing, in terms of strategy for 30 years -- the father and the son -- i would want expect that the syrian army would engage the israeli army head on. what they'll try to do, most likely, is hathey have done in the past, ask hezbollah or hamas
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or other terrorist, jihaddist groups that are pro-syrian to strike against israel. this could be in israel but this could be worldwide or regionally. that's the meaning of the statements. >> jamie: how concerned are you with the chemical weapons and the nuclear weapons that are available to syria, decly with iran and tehran's support and the risk to israel and other nations? >> well, the syrian military has middle-range, long-range missiles that can cover israel. israel knows that. they have wmd, in terms of chemical and biological, they paraded them in the past. now they are careful want to use them against the israelis unless it would be with the iranians and hezbollah. this would be full-fledged war. that's not what assad is thinking about. he is afraid the weapons will fall into the hands of
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insurgents against him. >> jamie: i have heard that rushia is involved now in contacting the rebel forces in sirria. what could russia accomplish in this? >> unfortunately, not mush. unfortunately, we are not accomplishing much in put approximating pressure on assad to go down. we had the opportunity in 2011, remember, we were in iraq. the regime was surround from the north 30 from the south, jordan and from the east, iscprak from the mediterranean sea. once we left, we have less possibility to pressure him. the russians have less possibility because they cannot offer the fall of assad. i think we are for a long-range struggle in syria. >> jamie: we will be talking about it again then. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: president obama says it's washington's fault, the latest explanation for the
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sluggish u.s. economic recovery. and it has been tough going. let's take a look at the unemployment rate when mr. obama took office, it was 7.8%. right now, it's just ticked up a bit, 7.9%. the percentage of american who is are not working as much as they would like to, in 2009, that was 14.2%. today, up just a hair, 14.4%, the president claims the capitol is dysfunctional. >> i bet most americans are thinking the same thing right now -- nothing will get done in washington this year, or next year, or maybe even the year after that, because washington is broken. can you blame them for feeling a little cynical? that's the reason my jobs bill that would put a million more people back to work has been voted down by republicans in congress time and time again. it is the biggest source of
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gridlock in washington and has been over the last 3 years. now here's the thing -- remember i told you this was a choice that we have to make? because what is holding us back right now is not that we don't have good answers for how we could grow the economy faster or put more people back to work. the problem is we have a stalemate in washington. this week, we received the 50 estimate of america's economic growth and it reminded us that bad decisions in washington can get in the waive our economic progress. >> eric: the president blames republicans, the republicans blame the president. who is to blame? both? we have the chair of the foreign pac and outreach director for john mccain for president and a congressman from pennsylvania. ford, you heard the litany from the president. after all, he is the commander in chief. he is the president... in charge? >> the president is the biggest
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obstac toll private-sector job growth in america right now. he seem, to we can tax, spend and regulate ourselves to prosperity. the private sector is asking for certainty. because the president doesn't want to pass a budget or modernize spending for bietlements. he is the big issue. it is up to him to take a long look in the mirror. i agree that congress has played a role. he needs to stop worrying about destroying republicans and start worrying about growing the economy. >> eric: joe, is that true? is he the biggest obstacle? >> the president is the steward of the overall economy. but both leaders of both parties have to look themselves in the mirror and they do -- look. there are two issues to focus upon, very pragmatic. the first is the star runningback. small businesses. a few years ago, we us to have 36 new small businesses that create 60% of all new jobs for
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every 10,000 citizens. today, we have 18, exactly half new businesses starting up each year. we should relieve small businesses of tax costs, they create the jobs for the spectators in the stadium. number 2, the debt -- both parties should have said, we do a principled compromise, like the simpson-bowles debt commission said. we know we need $4 trillion in debt reduction -- not this year, but over 8 years because our economy is fragile. the proof is last quarter, the defense department, our u.s. government spending decreased 22%. the impact was 1.3% less growth. this is a memo out in the defense department where one month furlough will be done for all civilians because as ford said, both parties can't come together in the $1 trillion sequestration or the debt ceiling. they get the problems down the road-- that's the problem -- >> well, joe.
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that is true. but the point about small business driving the economy. what is the biggest impediment? $1 trillion in new taxes that the president has imposed and also obamacare. let's be honest. the senate democrats don't move without the white house's okay -- >> well, actually i. the president needs to pass a budget and get serious, honestly about the debt and the regulation. he has 6,000 new regulations on the epa web site that i promise are going to hinder small business growth. i agree with you. both parties are to claim. but the president needs to take an honest look in the mirror. >> eric: how do we break this? where do you go for daylight? how do we get rid of the gridlock? >> if i could, thank you. i think we need to look at this in perspective. we know during the bush era, there were more epa regulations passed in the first four years of president obama's tenure.
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the real issue is, what small businesses want is access to capital. we have $4 tril trillion in our banks and our corporations that are not being spent because they say there is uncertainty about whether congress can resolve our issues with the president. so we need to have congress come together and stop finger-pointing. if we could have, which i believe is a good speaker, mr. boehner, who wanted to do a bipartisan compromise, with a good president, president obottom aand follow debt commission, we will give certainty to t. the health care bill decreases maul businesses' health care cost this is year with a 30% tax credit and 50% beginning in 2014. so that decreases -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i think you are glossing over how obamacare's going to hurt small business. most of obamacare doesn't kick in until 2018. so there is no certainty for the
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small businesses, that's why they can't get access to capital. because they don't know what the loping-term costs are going to be. i agree with you that coming and the white house has to come and get t. but i don't think the white house is looking in the mirror and being honest with its role in this. i think that in all certainty, they have to stop proposing reg eulogies that are crippling growth. >> vione last thing. i want to make sure that the fact goes out there. obamacare goes into effect in 2014, with the exception in 2018, the only change that year is instead of the government paying from the federal side, 100% of all changes in medicaid, it goes down to 90%, that's the only change in the law. so it is out there -- thank you for the opportunity to say the facts. >> eric: we have to do something. somebody's got to do something -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i agree with joe that
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congress and particularly the republicans in the house need to step up and propose it. but the white house has to get serious. >> eric: step up, both sides. everybody, step up. that's the message. >> that's the message. >> eric: thanks a lot, guys. now, to remembering ed koch. he was beloved for his approach to life. if he was in washington now, high would get something done am you can see his attitude 39 years ago, when i interviewed him in 1974 for public access cable temperature that was cable tv then. i was 16 years old. i was in high school. he was the liberal democratic congressman. during the interview, he said that president nixon should resign. he predicted if he decorates he would be impeached and he had well-known canned noraddressing the men who did support, george mcgovern, who he called the
8:19 am
worst. >> life in public, george mcgovern was too radical. they thought his ideas were not well thought out... he was not the best candidate from our point of view. i voted for him and cam paped for him. but looking at it very realistically and candidly, he was the worst candidate who could have taken at the time. >> eric: that was 3 years before he would run for mayor. he explained -- why he wanted that job. >> i really love the city of new york. i was born in the bronx and i now live in manhattan. i actually live one block off washington square park. i really love the city very, very much. i prefer it to washington, to tell you the god's honest truth. i thought i would like to be the mayor. >> eric: ed koch, the irrepressible icon was 88 years old. the funeral is tomorrow.
8:20 am
president clinton will be peeking. he will be missed. >> jamie: absolutely. all those years, he was terrific to cover. >> jamie: absolutely. we are taking a look at chicago, taking center stage in the debate over gun control as violence soars. we have a special guest, reverend jesse jackson is urging president obama to return to his hometown. reverend jackson will be live, telling us what he wants done in the windy city. >> eric: airlines are finding some new ways to lighten our wallets. man, oh, man, can you imagine the fees now. jamie will explain and tell us how we can avoid that. >> jamie: save moan, folks. i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor.
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>> jamie: have you flown lately? the airlines seem to be cooking up all types of ways of taking your hard-earned cash. which fees are worth it and which ones should you say, no thanks? i want you to be able to take charge of your travel. joining me, the director of the consumer travel alliance. charlie, welcome back.
8:25 am
>> glad to be here. >> jamie: i had to bring you back because the fees are bigger, they are more expensive and all over the place. i wanted you to tell us, first of all, which ones should we avoid? ripoff? >> i want to thank you for having me back. the consumer travel alliance has been working nard washington with coming and the d.o.t. to change the fees and get things changed. but it's nice to be able to talk to the american public. the fees that are the biggest ripoffs are change fees and cancellation fees. they're feas you can't get away from. they are big. $150 to change a ticket and pay the difference in the air fare between what you bought it for earlier and now. so the consumers lose two ways. that's really a big ripoff. d.o.t. is looking at other big fees like the third checked bag when you go overseas and so on. sometimes have you to pay their 150 or more.
8:26 am
and d.o.t. is looking at the giant fees and looking at whether or not they can mandate that airlines tell us ahead about whopping fees. >> jamie: it's impossible, to keep track of them. you get them at home. you get them at the airport. this really stunned me. virgin america is now -- ifor ar itinerary, that's $20 and spirit charms $5 if you print your boarding pass at the airport by an agent, rather than doing it at home. guess what? not everybody has a computer. the convenience is gone. >> right. a lot of people, when they are traveling, don't have computers. if you are saying -- all hotels don't have business centers to print out boarding passes and so on, 24 hours before you get on a flight. so it puts consumers in a bad position. but what is worse is that the
8:27 am
airlines don't tell you about the fees until after you have bought your ticket. if you want to figure out how much your seat's going to cost, have you to go through the reservation process, have you to put in your -- whether or not you are a male or female and what your date of birth is and then, you can find out what the fees are going to be -- you have to do that with every airline. >> jamie: tell me about the pay to get on the plane first and all of these preferred fees. the extra seating fee, a lot of people want that, they want comfort. but what about paying to get on first? >> okay. first of all, i am not talking about just getting more comfort. i am talking about getting a seat reserved. they are reaching the point where a seat reservation will cost ow some airlines am but getting on the plane early. southwest just came out with a new fee for their 40, where you can be one of the first 15 people on board. if you want to pay that money,
8:28 am
okay. i wouldn't pay it, personally. however, southwest does have an early-bird fee. it costs $10, i think it's going to go up to $12.50. for that fee, you get to be in the first boarding group, you are almost guaranteed to get a window or an aisle seat. and they will automatically register you for your flight so don't have to worry about checking in early. so those fees, in some case, those make sense. but in other cases, they don't. >> jamie: we are out of time. you gave me great answers. let me make one recommendation. to check out global entry or early check-in, select checking to search opline and save you time and moppy as well. thank you. great to see you. >> great to be here. i will be glad to talk about those think thises for you. >> jamie: we didn't make you fly today. >> thanks a lot. >> jamie: if you want to learn more about how it take charge of
8:29 am
your mortgage, student loans, cost of groceries, go to our web page. look for the links to my take-charge segments, only on this program. >> eric: coming up reverend jesse jackson who will be here in just a few minutes from now to talk about gun violence and what he is calling on president obama to do. >> we must follow justice to this mead these murders, the killing of our very young. the numbers are greater than iraq and afghanistan. we need help. officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy! with an online package including: domain name, website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers
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>> jamie: it is the bottom of the hour. some of the fors fox is following for you. syria's president holding a meeting with iran's national security council in damascus. iran is standing by its ally, even as the death toll tops 60,000. a former navy seal, the most lethal sniper in u.s. history, killed in texas. 38-year-old chris kyle and another man killed saturday at a gun range. the suspected shootener custody. we are still monitoring the hostage intaigz in alabama. a five yearly boy is being held boy a suspected killer for six days now. police working around the clock to negotiate his safe release. they are expected to hold a news conference this afternoon. >> eric: you know, gun violence is the raging debate right now across the country. this weekend, there are new calls for president obama to intervene in chicago, where shootings have skyrocketed.
8:35 am
those demands led by the reverend jesse jackson. he held a march yesterday in honor of the heart-breaking case of a 15-year-old who was the teen at the president's inauguration, who was gunned down and killed by gang member who is fired into a crowd as she talked in a park with friends, a mile from the president's chicago home. the reverend jackson is now live from new orleans. thanks for joining us. >> thank you to you, sir. >> eric: it's crushing. we remember that day in april, 1968, when dr. martin luther king at the hotel -- you were there-- the mass shootings. and now how do we stop this. >> chicago, first this is an international crisis. guns are manufactured across in the suburbs and in ireland and they are tied to guns.
8:36 am
drugs come in from the south. guns come in from the suburbs and jobs go out. so the issue here that the mayor and the police chief are dog a very good job, but guns and jobs and the unemployment is a big crisis. >> eric: what do you want president obama to do? what can the president do? >> in the 77 communities in chicago, 21 have had 2500 murders in 5 years, under 25, is the youngest zone of the mayor's able to stop t. unemployment, that requires some targeted jobs program. homes that are abandoned because of what the banks did. this is really an urban crisis. i think it is going to -- [inaudible], killing the babies. it illuminates the crisis in chicago, and says, now it's time for a bigger urban policy
8:37 am
intervention. >> eric: when you talk about an urban policy intrrkz, chicago does have gun control. and gun rights advocates will cite the second amendment and you still have all of these killings with the gun laws. >> of the 77 communities in chicago, 21 have had 2500 killings, for example. englewood and roseland and the south side and lawndale and the west side, where the killings take place. 150 schools are without a library, 135 in those districts, for example. so you have the foreclosed homes drive poverty and the boards come and you want window panes go down and you close beauty parlors and record shops and -- and -- and barber shops and stores. so we are looking at the pains of poverty -- jobs out because of international trade policy.
8:38 am
drugs and guns in. so it is not just jobs. police are significant, but you can't police poverty. you can't police schools without libraries. you cannot police 45% unemployment. the poverty on children's dreams. we need a comprehensive urban policy. >> eric: you have been fighting on that for years. in terps of gun control, do you think gun control is the answer? we have been talking about it for years. >> if you were in iraq today with soldiers and you knew where guns were manufactured and the trail where they were being old and killing american solar, you would stop that gun krill trail. we know where guns are being sold... we are powerless to stop. it we know where the drugs are coming in from. we can't stop it. we know what jobs are going. people with the gun, with drugs and without jobs. that's a toxic proposition. we need a comprehensive plan.
8:39 am
we need jobs, educational access and helt -- there on the south side, there are no emergency rooms anymore, for example, for crisis intervention. so i am rather convinced that the full weight of our government must come -- we had a full intervention in birmingham, to stop will killing. 42 have been killed this year. we need -- we need a level of support in there we have never had before. >> eric: you do not see that in the federal government. 42 people have been killed just this past january. 157 shootings. you want a federal program similar to what happened in the 60s to deal with other programs? >> intervention, you have mentioned that, we need jobs intervention, we need to stop the gun flow and the drug flow in and the job flow out. >> eric: do you think that will happen? we have been talking about this for years. it is the right to have a gun in america, under the constitution.
8:40 am
there is gun control in many cities. >> semi-automatic weapons are not just about guns. this is about national security. these weapons can shoot down airplanes. they can blow up railroads. this is a mass security issue. you want a gun for your house. you got t. a gun to hunt, you got. it but the semi-automatic, military-style assault weapons, they shot at the white house two years ago. none of us are safe with these weapons on the streets. they have no real place in a civilized society. >> eric: they areauk talking about assault weapon bans on capitol bill. and they are talking about limiting the number of shots in a magazine or background checks. what would you like to see? >> we may choose to make a bad decision, but we will live to make the consequences am we need background checks. mental background checks, having the expect womans available. some say they want them to protect ourselves from our
8:41 am
government. that sounds like a call to war. we deserve better than that. we have lost 32,000 americans kill aid year, 100,000 are injured. enough is enough. we ought to go another way. >> eric: enough is enough is reverend jackson's message, 42 people killed last month in one city, chicago. tragically, that number has been rising. thanks for joining us on the fox newschannel this morning. >> thank you, sir. >> jamie: sibling rivalry will take on a whole new meaning in the super bowl, two brothers, jim and john harbaugh are coaching the teams about to go to battle for the nfl championship. we are going to hear from their father, also a legendary coach on this unusual game. >> it would be tough because they are good. they are good, good coaches. i mean, they understand this game. they understand their players. and they understand... far more about this game than i think i ever knew.
8:42 am
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>> jamie: no surprise, they are getting started early in new orleans, ahead of the super bowl. it will be a family affair. for the first time in history, brothers jim and john harbaugh, are squaring off as head coaches of the san francisco 49ers and the baltimore ravens and their father jack, talked with jim gray about how they are hamming this unique situation. >> i don't think it's really hit us yet exactly, you know, what impact this has on our family and what impact it has on us. i mean, just the statestage-- the statement is just so big. we are still trying to find out what our place is. >> jamie: i'm sure it is tough
8:47 am
to grasp. jim gray is here with more on that interview with dad, jack. great to see you, jim. >> great to be with you. >> jamie: i know you are there, gearing up for the big day. i know that this family had a saying growing up, who's got it better than us? is something that jack always said to them when they were growing up? i would imagine that rings true today. >> reporter: it sure does. try to follow all of this. first, let's start with their daughter. she is marry to the head coach of indiana university tom crean. they beat michigan yesterday. so tom crean and indiana, the hoosiers are the number-1, ncaa basketball team in the country. now the family's together for the first time, all of them the first time in 14 years. they will watch their brothers and sons and daughter play in the super bowl. the plot gets thicker. jim's son jay, the 49ers coach, his son is an intern on the staff of his uncle john.
8:48 am
not only do you have brother against brother, but ha you father against son. how will all of this play out for jack and jackie isn't parents? and the grandparents? i spoke to jack and i asked him, the different emotions he is going to be feeling at the end of this game today. >> i think our first thought will be, you know, you know for that one that came up a little bit short that. agony of defeat type thing since we have heard since we were very, very young. but we'll take time, too, to go and share the thrill of victory with the other son. with equal emotions. >> jamie: wow. it's incredible. i am so excited. i think i am going to be watching the coaches, the brothers. they shared a bedroom for 16 years together. they are very close. but today, they have to be archenemies for their team. they both want to win. but jim's more offensive minded. he always has been in his
8:49 am
career. how does he differ from john? and how will that play into the game? >> reporter: i had a chance to spend a little bit of time with all of them-- the mom, the dad and jim and john on friday before their joint press conference. this has been a great story. it is unprecedented. we have seen the mannings, from new orleans, we have seen eli play peyton, but never in a game of this magnitude. it's been excruciating for archie manning and olivia, their mother. the only thing kithink of is venus and serena williams, and their parents as they play in the grand slam. who knows who better and who has more strategy? their father's been a coach 40 years in high school and college football. they have the same background with very, very similar in terms of their way they go about their approach. but their styles are much, much different. jim had his game face on on
8:50 am
friday. he's a little bit less outgoing. he doesn't have as much patience for the whole process and the media. he is very focused on his team. john, much more seemingly to be enjoying of the moment and wanting to let others in. but really, really good guys and obviously, excellent coaches. >> jamie: this is a great family and what an example they set for their play rez. one thing i know jack does is review all the tapes of all the games and sends notes to both sons. that must have been challenging for him in this situation. >> jamie: i asked him about that if he has been asked by either son for advice, he said, up until this point, on friday, he had not been asked. i skid what happens if you are? i will give them the best answer i can as a father. but i am not going to give either one much of an edge. but i am going to be a father. so if one of my sons asks me a
8:51 am
question, i am going to answer to the best of my ability. >> jamie: right. >> he's been the emotional leader, the guy who has been able to inspire and a fantastic football player and the center of controversy, based on what happened in atlanta, 13 years ago, after the super bowl game with those double murders of which he was convicted of a misdemeanor of obstruction of justice. he has been a polarizing figure and has had to answer those questions again, after 13 years, been pretty evasive about it. he has been involved in deer antler spray, seemingly, he was the victim, if you can say ray lewis being a victim, he was this week, by this guy who said he had given him some stuff and said he never saw him ingest or take t. ray lewis has been a fantastic football player. we will see that today on the
8:52 am
field. he has been the leading tackler in the playoffs. >> jamie: i imagine we will. jim, you are there. i am jealous. i am going to leave it there. >> reporter: somebody's got to be here. >> jamie: i know. >> reporter: jamie -- for all of those who can't be in front of the television, join us on the dial global radio network, or on boomer isison and tom braide and larry fitzgerald will be there. >> jamie: we are fans of all of them, throughout. we'll be right back. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> the los angeles arch bishop is apologizing to victim who is suffered sexual abuse within the church, expressing sympathy in a letter to be read at mass this morning. we have the details from los angeles. >> reporter: hey, there. arch bishop jose gomez presided over 4 million in the los angeles diocese, many of them will hear him express his regret about sex abuse, in a letter he is due to read out in mass. 12,000 pages of previously confidential document, revealing decades of abuse by 2400 priests and reveal how church leadership
8:57 am
attempted to cover tup. the acts committed by the priests are said to be terribly sad and evil and says there is no excuse, no explaining what happened. the priests had the duty to be spiritual fathers and they failed. the document, with many shocking and excruciating details were released on the archdiocese web site in a settlement with more than 500 sex abuse victim who is shared in a record $660 million payout. they date as far as the 1940s and roger mahonia is seen here and his vicker of clergy, accused of sexual abuse from parish to parish and he conspired to protect them from the law and it has shaken the church and the catholic community here in los angeles.
8:58 am
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